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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dr. Ben Carson a Trump surrogate bullies

'Cut her mic' moment left me flabbergasted

"Cut her mic."
No-one's ever said my microphone should be cut before, so when Dr Ben Carson suggested I should be shut up after I asked him if he thought the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual abuse were lying, I was a bit flabbergasted. It sounded almost Soviet.
Let's be clear about what happened. I asked Dr Carson, a surrogate for Mr Trump, a simple yes/no question. He refused to answer. When I pushed him he asked not once but twice that the programme shut off my mic. All I wanted was an answer - what I got was a ridiculous demand for censorship.
Replaying the tape I see it also looks rather bullying. In a conversation about sexual harassment a man asks a woman to be silenced for asking a question he doesn't want to answer. He may not have meant to, but Dr Carson gave a perfect, real-time example of exactly the kind of overbearing, condescending attitude a lot of women experience all too often and that the whole Donald Trump scandal has raised as a conversation here.

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