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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Canada West Foundation


Canada West Foundation senior economist Michael Holden wants us to believe his think tank is the only one “dedicated to being the objective, non-partisan voice for issues of vital concern to Western Canadians.” This is laughable.
For the record:
  • The Canada West Foundation is where the Reform Party got started.
  • The Canada West Foundation is backed by Western Canada’s biggest business tycoons.
  • The Canada West Foundation is pro-market, anti-union, anti-environmental and anti-social justice.
If it’s the voice for Western Canadians, it’s a small group of Western Canadians. The West’s one percenters perhaps?
In an op-ed published in the Province, Holden makes the case that ideological biases are wrecking public-policy debates. I agree and thought he was going after the Fraser Institute because there’s no question the Fraser’s market fundamentalists, with their ideological blinkers, have distorted many public-policy debates.
But no, it was those nasty environmentalists who are resorting to “fear, ideology, intentional misrepresentation and pejorative language” to win the day and prevent further development of the Columbia Icefields in Jasper National Park.

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