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Monday, July 11, 2016

I am tired, really, really tired.

Over the past 71 years of my otherwise happy life I have been witness to some of the most terrifying abuses of human life. Black lives do matter. All lives matter.

The holocaust and the survivors were a major part of my upbringing and I have lived with that and learned from that. Then I was subjected to the vision of hatred expressed by the southern states against black Americans.

It was the ugliest times in America.

Blacks being murdered simply because they stood up for themselves or for their fellow black American. Yes America they are American. Many died fighting in World War ii as well as in the Civil War. They fought for your freedom but more than that they fought for theirs. All they wanted was to be recognized. Yes America they want to be recognized for who they are….  Americans.

It offends me when I have to identify an American by the colour of his/her skin, by their country of origin or by their religion. Why do you insist on doing that America?

I know. It is your subliminal way of separating your new citizens from the “white folk” who think they are superior. The likes of the KKK and Donald Trump who promote inferiority rather than unity, “One Nation Under God” is a hypocritical mantra of the Republican Hate Army.

Forget gun control you are lost, self aggrandizing and living in fear, yes fear America. You fear your own government because the corporate world, the NRA and the Republicans have convinced you there is a conspiracy. You fear your neighbor. You self aggrandize when you tell yourself America is the greatest country in the World.

You had to be dragged into WWII kicking and screaming yet after it ended you spent millions making movies, changing history to make yourself heroes and to aggrandize America in the eyes of its own people.

What happened Friday in Dallas Texas is white America’s fault, perhaps it was a black American who fired the shots but it was you the white trash of America who lit the fuse. Sadly there were several brave police officers who paid the price for your ugly views.

Responding to force with greater force is wrong and it only escalates into more violence.

Wake up America it is time for reconciliation and acceptance.

Bob Hawkins

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