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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Congratulations Snowdon Deli

Snowdon Deli celebrates 70 with smoked meat, party sandwiches and, yes, chopped liver

Bill Brownstein 
“It’s pande-lerium here on Décarie Boulevard,” Scott Wiseberg booms over the din. “Sheer pande-lerium!”
In fact, it’s pretty much pande-lerium every Sunday at Snowdon Deli on Décarie Blvd.
Standing some six-feet, four-inches, veteran counterman Wiseberg is in an excellent position to observe the overflow lineups at both the deli’s takeout area and restaurant. Apart from being a wordsmith and a wiz behind counter, Wiseberg amuses customers waiting for their takeout with his dead-on Christopher Walken impressions. Given his size, he has also had to serve on occasion as mediator/bouncer when irate patrons fight for their rights to the last piece of gefilte fish.
There’s been more than the usual amount of pande-lerium recently at the deli. Joe Morantz, the last of the surviving three Morantz brothers and founders of Snowdon Deli, passed away two weeks ago. Plus, there was a small kitchen fire to quell.

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