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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Canadian View of US

The Canadian View of US
Today in the US, it’s virtually impossible to believe what the “enemy” politicians and media say. But here’s a completely unbiased view of what we've become. I hope you watch this because I guarantee it will open your eyes. Good points, well presented -
From Canada. Well worth the time it takes to view.

Thanks Ralph .... I beg to differ.... this is a Conservative government view of America and not a Canadian Point of View. The Conservatives have done exactly the same thing with CMHC ...... CMHC continually sounded the alarm that their resources were over extended and that they were on the verge of collapse if the Conservatives did not change the mortgage rules.... lets not forget that CMHC bailed out our banks where high risk loans were concerned and that our Canadian banks lobbied Washington to bail them out of the bundled mortgage fiasco.

America's biggest overhead since 1944 has been their trying to be the Worlds police force, defending our liberties and freedoms. From Korea through to Afghanistan, forget Iraq that was a Bush ego trip. The Cuba embargo, the cold war, South America, Vietnam ..... time and again they defended our liberties and Pierre Poilievres right to be a total asshole.

Trillions upon trillions have been spent on weaponry, covert action, spying, the DEW Line,  satellites and now homeland security since 1944. During the Bush administration we had numerous orange and red alerts that cost America billions upon billions so that the voter would believe that Chaney and Bush were the only ones who could protect them from the wrath of Al-Quaida.

I, for one, am grateful for America's efforts although at times I disagree with them. Without a doubt Fanny May and Fanny Mac were the straw that broke America's financial back but it is what occurred for decades before that made them vulnerable.


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