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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

State of our economy

All day today I have listened to the pundits discussing the state of the Canadian economy and how corporations are hoarding their money. Yes Canada, major corporations are not investing into the economy. Why? They don't see any improvement, contrary to what the Harper government is trying to tell the gullible masses.... their economic plan is "not" working.

Canadian business is sitting on 500 billion dollars, while the pundits are pooh-poohing this amount as a drop in the bucket compared to US corporations... consider this.... Americas population is 10 times ours that means 500 billion would be 5 trillion in America. Everything is relative to population so everything the pundits say and the Conservatives say is "spin".

Harper has been running "helter skelter" around the World trying to make deals with any country that will talk to him, and of course there are many who want to deal with a desperate man. We have seen what a great negotiator Harper is just by looking at his dealings with China..... he lacks a plan and most of all he lacks a spine.

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