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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cuban economy

I just spent the last week in Cuba a country that, while living in stark poverty by our standards, is relatively unaffected by the state of the World economy.

Why? Because their economy is based on tourism not on America's purchasing power. They pander to Canada and to Europe not to the Americans yet there are the occasional tourist from the US. Last year they had 2.9 million tourists of which 1.5 million were Canadians.. We are heavily involved in their oil development and their nickel mining.

It has been 54 years since the revolution of 1959 and despite the American embargo they exist and are growing slowly. Raoul is easing travel for his people and slowly opening the door to entrepreneurship. In my humble opinion Cuba will be a good opportunity for investors.

Patience is important when working with the Cuban people, Cuban time and Canadian time have two different speeds however the end result is the same. They are happy, friendly and warm.

Personally I found that the majority of Cubans have ethical standards and good judgement of who to trust even among the beggars there is honour.

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