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Monday, January 7, 2019

Conservatives have no plan

Andrew Scheer said he would release his climate change plan shortly...that was several months ago.

Now, he said he will release it with ample time before the election. What does that mean? (1)

It means he's running scared. He has no real plan and he doesn't want to face scrutiny. Instead he wants to take potshots at the government plan to put a price on carbon. Scheer is running scared.

The chart shows why Canada needs to do something about GHG emissions. We are among the worst per-capita polluters in the world.

And if anyone tries to tell you that Canada only produces about 2% of global emissions and there is no point in doing something unless China or India does something, you tell them this.

Canada only has about 0.5% of the world's population, meaning we produce close to 4x as much GHG emissions as the world average.

You tell them countries aren't given the same amount of GHG emissions otherwise Luxembourg would be able to produce as much pollution as Russia. Clearly, that is failed logic.

You tell them Canada has to do its part as a global leader and if Andrew Scheer wants to whinge and whine about it, he has no business being the Prime Minister of Canada. The job requires leadership and he's clearly not up to the job.


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