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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Well said

Open Letter to Senator Lynn Beyak

Ms. Beyak,
What the hell are you thinking?  One white, non-residential school raised, woman of age and experience to another.  Seriously.  What the hell are you thinking?
This CBC news article crossed my feeds this morning.  For some time, I thought, I’ll just let aboriginal Canadians fill you in.  After all, the residential school experience is their story to tell.  Then I thought, oh no white lady who never had to go through residential school, you are mine.  You walk around in that skin, looking like me, reaping all the privilege that your powerful position and your colour lays upon your doorstep.  No.  You are mine.  Why should other people have to deal with you?
So, you want to “focus on the good” of the residential school experience.  You want people to look at the silver lining.  Some children received an education.  Some children learned valuable lessons about Jesus.  Some adopted the Christian faith and still follow it.  Some have told you about the good experiences they had in residential school.

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