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Saturday, March 25, 2017

A must read for all the deplorables

What Will It Take?

So, you voted for Trump.
You cheered his rhetoric of hate and phobias.  
You proudly wore your "Fuck Your Feelings" tshirts to his rallies.

You cried out "Lock her up!" at his events - not caring to comprehend that there is nothing to "lock her up" for.  Hell, as recently as last night in Tennessee, you were still chanting that ridiculous mantra as he held another "Make Me Feel Great Again" rally.
You LOVED his blanket condemnations of Islam.
You grabbed your sac every time he hollered how Mexico would pay for his wall.
You deathgripped your whiteness, so fearful of becoming the minority and having the treatment tables turned on you.
You happily lapped up every impossible promise he made.
You fact checked nothing.  And you voted for him.
A man-baby so insecure with himself that he championed his own penis in a debate.  A self confessed womanizer, cheater, molester, and piece of excrement who has never had any use for religion was embraced by churchgoers because he said words like "abortion" and let people pray over him.  A thinskinned schoolyard bully who tweets as often and as foul-ly as he probably releases his KFC emissions.

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