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Thursday, March 9, 2017

The mythic land of America - News and Guts

So you head down to the docks of democracy, looking to book passage to a difficult destination, a mythic land of big tax cuts for the rich, where you promise great jobs for all. You don't care if you have to gut social welfare programs and eviscerate healthcare to get there. You're eager to wipe out labor and environmental regulations in the name of "business." And if it's getting hotter by the month, you don't care because no one wants to believe the climate is changing. You've been trying to get to this place for years, and you haven't been able to make it.
When you arrive at the dock there is this man pacing about, making a lot of big promises. He seems a little unsteady, and he's never captained a ship before, but he promises he has the most beautiful ship the world has ever seen and it's going to be yuge, with golden sails and a marble deck. And so you book passage, leaving more than half of the country behind.
But even as you are leaving the port, the captain starts spinning the steering wheel like he's playing roulette at one of his bankrupt casinos. The ship lurches all about. You have no choice but to hold on. You are still in the harbor, and your fellow passengers are starting to look for the lifeboats, but there aren't many. And people are screaming from the shore. Your boat appears to be taking on water. And the other ships of state about you are trying to stay out of your way. And you haven't even hit a storm or a rough patch of sea other than that of your own making.
And your name is Paul Ryan. And your name is Mitch McConnell. And you're in this boat together. But then again, so is the rest of the America.

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