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Saturday, February 4, 2017

To my Jewish, Irish, Asian and Italian friends

To my Jewish, Irish, Asian and Italian friends, let's remember:
Your ancestors were lower than dirt when they arrived here.
Italians were referred to – openly – as a subhuman race of rats and criminals.
Irishmen were apes and monkeys.
Laws were passed to keep Chinese women out of the country, so that the Chinese males who were brought over for menial labor couldn't produce offspring.
Jews were spat upon in the streets and routinely excluded from polite society.
Unhire-able. Undesirable. Laws were passed to allow for the mass discrimination and segregation of your great grandparents, not much more than a century ago.
It's nice that you now view yourselves as "Real Americans." Just yesterday, your kind were anything but. And I don't mean in the deep south or in obscure corners of the country. Your forebears were considered human garbage on the streets of New York, Philadelphia and Boston. It wasn't all that long ago when mainstream politicians were actively seeking ways to get rid of you too.

Thanks Ivan

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