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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump: You can't believe anything the man says

If Trump supporters could see beyond their own little World and visualize the full picture they would realize that they are not going to get what they want nor are many of his promises feasible.
They have been hoodwinked by the ultimate scam artist.
First, his speech at the Boeing Facility in South Carolina on Friday was a farce misleading his base completely. The facility is an assembly plant for Boeing aircraft parts that are manufactured around the World. They have supplier commitments for the next 30 years that make repatriating the components far too costly. Then there is the reality that Boeing sells Internationally and there are purchases by countries that are dependent on their manufacturing components for Boeing. These are Global aircraft that is cost dependent of outside manufacturers being able to write off tooling costs over the life of the project.

Trump just used Boeing's new global airliner to attack globalization

Trump paid a visit to Boeing's factory in North Charleston, South Carolina, to help unveil the latest version of the company's 787 Dreamliner.
The new 787-10 — with capacity for as many as 330 passengers — is the largest version of the Dreamliner to date. The Dash 10 is capable of holding 14% more seats and can carry 15% more cargo than the current 787-9.
The 141-acre North Charleston facility is one of two assembly locations for Boeing's Dreamliner.
During his visit, Trump praised Boeing and its employees for the new jet and vowed to protect US manufacturing jobs.
"We want products made by our workers, in our factories, stamped with those four magnificent words: Made in the USA," Trump told Boeing workers and dignitaries in a speech.
However, while the plane is assembled in the US, the Dreamliner is actually a model of globalization, and Trump's policy proposals may threaten the way Boeing does business.
It's a flying symbol of an interconnected world economy — one with a network of global suppliers that would be hard to unravel with government policies, and a global group of customers waiting to buy the plans.
The Dreamliner is like the United Nations of planes:

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