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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Found on FB

Good Morning , some stall muck musing...Dear Pissed Off,
I know people have gripes about our Government. I know that . I know that people are angry that JT has broken promises.
Yes, that appears to be the case.
I know the word “betrayed’ is being used to describe the wounding of those who believed in the hope of “Sunny Ways’.
Tom Mulcair sent me an email .
He told me he would fight for Electoral Reform.
Pugilists. Enough. Already.
Elizabeth May sent me an email.
She is disappointed .
Yes, aren’t we all ?
Michael Harris wrote an article stating that people won’t forget about the Betrayal !
I don’t know about that Michael .
I can’t help but wonder if anyone remembers Michael’s missives in support of Gian Ghomeshi ?
Or for that matter Shit Harper Did ? Rob Ford ? ABC?
 I remember .
I did not vote for Trudeau because I believed promises. I voted because there was simply no other option if we were to remove Harper.
I am frankly terrified about what is happening right now in America. We are all in it.
 I fear that while people are indulging an anger about the ‘vote” , we are being ignorant ; blinded to the dread , the sad global state , without exercising a clear eye ; a critical , steadfast stance.
Fuck you, fear.
I need only imagine for a brief moment how Harper might have dealt with our Global positioning . I refuse to use the names of the Conservative wannabes .
They have no relevance other than to elevate the mongering. They should be shamed , not tolerated.
No, just no.
No one, no politician. no man , no women ,could have seen how far; how quickly we have fallen down the rabbit hole.
We have some broken things in Canada. Trudeau has promised much . He’s young . He’s a guy.
He can learn. We’re all learning.
IMO, our most egregious issue is selling arms to SA. We’re not feminist ,yet.
But, if we are meant to fix the broken things , we are going to need a clear eye.
Here’s what I see .
When I went to a meeting this week about a local Government Initiative calling for a Round Table , I was in a room of 16 men and 5 women.
When we are designing for our communities; our society, we need to change that quotient.
 Right Fucking Now.
I don’t have a pussy hat. I don’t knit. I wear gumboots.
Steady On, With Love Mehetable Esther Unger.

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