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Saturday, December 10, 2016

What's Wrong Honey?

In a train compartment a young couple and an elderly, somewhat
> ragged man were sitting. The girl looks like she's having some
> discomfort so her boyfriend asks her, "What's wrong honey?"

> She replies, "My head hurts."

> Her boyfriend kisses her forehead, and asks her, "Is it better now?"

> "Yes," she says.

> Then he asks, "Does it hurt somewhere else?"

> "Here," she replies, pointing to her lips. So the boyfriend kisses
> he lips.

> "Is it better now?"

> "Much better."

> "Anywhere else?"

> She replies by pointing to her neck. So the boyfriend kisses her
> neck.

> Annoyed at the pitiful public display, the elderly man asks the
> young man, "Excuse me pal, do you do hemorrhoids?"

Thanks Randy

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