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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Brilliant post contributed by Kristen Vernace

This year, instead of having my 6th grade class write the usual persuasive letters about why their family should get a dog or they should get a higher allowance, I challenged them to write about a local, national, or global issue that they felt passionately about.
Through the process they learned what a credible source is and how to ignore fear-based media and biased media; they learned to do their own research instead of trusting rumors; they learned to check their facts and become experts on a subject before spewing their opinion; and they learned the most American thing you can do is calmly and genuinely make your voice heard in order to improve your world.
We've got about 90 letters going to Trump about global warming, Lepage about gun control, Anna Wintour about Photoshopping in magazines, Hillary about women's equality, police chiefs about Black Lives Matter... and so many more I can't even name. And to think the kids came up with these issues on their own is truly inspiring.
I've never felt more proud! This is our future!

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