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Monday, December 19, 2016

My Monday rant

If you do not pay attention to the news you are uninformed .....
If you do pay attention to the news you are ill informed ....

While I have taken liberties with a statement made to the media by Denzel Washington I simply made some word changes to include all forms of mainstream media.
In the rush to be first, the battle for followers the media has forgotten the first rule of journalism, integrity. They put out the story then wait for the facts. To compound the problem the MSM is more opinionated than journalistic and they wonder why they are losing followers.
Readers, listeners and watchers want facts not influence peddling. This misinformation system is trickling down to our children. They get to see so called adults misbehaving in the National media because the media wants to report about political negativity such as what happened in Alberta last week.
Then the National media denounces bullying on social media when they have been the unintentional purveyors of "The Art of Bullying" by their obsession with negativity and the need to get the story out first.
It has been an absolute perversion and the MSM has to return to journalistic integrity and forget about the tabloid attitude we are seeing take over what was once a respected profession.

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