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Thursday, December 15, 2016

More truth than satire

Kevin O’Leary asks Putin for same deal Trump got

MOSCOW – A travel weary Kevin O’Leary arrived in Russia’s capital this morning in order to ask President  for assistance becoming Tory leader and then PM of Canada, just like Putin helped Trump.
“Whatever you want, whatever you need,” said O’Leary as he kissed Putin’s feet. “State secrets, control over the arctic? It’s done.”
“Just do the same thing for me that you did for him.”
O’Leary is reportedly hoping Putin will use Russian espionage and hacking networks to convince Canadians that Maxime Bernier’s recent trip to Thailand was for immoral purposes, and that Justin Trudeau was responsible for the Benghazi attacks.
“I also want Dragons Den cancelled, and for the media to say the show would have stayed on the air if they hadn’t fired me.”

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