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Friday, December 2, 2016



Cuban pride: Fidel Castro’s lasting legacy

Mark Entwistle is Managing Partner of Acasta Cuba Capital Inc. and a former Ambassador of Canada to Cuba.
Several months ago, Fidel Castro Ruz himself publicly reminded Cuba that he would soon be 90 years old and would not last much longer. But it is still sobering to witness the passing of a historic figure.
A man of sometimes mercurial temperament, iron will and resolve, and unflagging confidence and belief in his own ability and historic destiny, it is hard to think of a modern world leader who had more direct personal impact on the direction of a country than Fidel Castro did in Cuba over seven decades.
He was 100 per cent Cuban, his beliefs formed and forged in the crucible of Cuban history, which he understood, interpreted and drew around himself as the protector of the heritage of José Martí, 19th century father of Cuban independence and philosopher-king of Cuban nationalism.

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