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Monday, December 31, 2012

Genecide - Conservative Style

Yes Canada your Conservative government is so deep in the pocket of industry that they are selling out Canadians, the environment and our aboriginals......

Yet another communist destruction of Canadian territory and the Harper Eco-Nazi's are suppressing our aboriginal peoples so that the communists can destroy the environment as they have at home in China.

The oppression of Canada's aboriginals and the destruction of their treaty rights is bordering on criminal.

Our country flourished and was well respected around the World prior to this discusting government selling us out to the highest bidder and turning Canada into a destroyer of peace and stabiliity in the World.

Makes one wonder how many "temporary" Chinese workers will be brought in to Canada to be used and abused in these mines.
Both Harper and Kenney have turned a blind eye to the mines in BC
Ottawa - RSL Chief Les Harper with Theresa Spence . He delivered a sacred eagle feather to her that was used 22 years ago to kill meech lake accord by his older brother Elijah Harper.......pic taken Dec 28.12 — with Melvina Charlette.
Clean water is essential to all forms of life, animal, vegetable and human. For several decades Canadians have been trying to clean the waters that industry destroyed and now the Harper government wants to set us back in time to a day when we were ignorant of the destruction that man was causing to our World.
Save the rivers and lakes for your children and grandchildren

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