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Friday, December 21, 2012

Air Force Sergeant a couple of months ago who got a discharge, because she posed for Playboy

Air Force demotes Playboy poser Michelle Manhart defended her decision to pose.

U.S. Air Force Sergeant Michelle Manhart who posed nude for Playboy magazine has been removed
from active duty and demoted. The move reverts her to air national guard status, a move which has
prompted her resignation, she says.

"I'm disappointed in our system. They went too far with it," she told the Associated
Press News Agency.

Ms. Manhart appeared in the Playboy's February edition in a range of poses, some
in uniform and striking a military pose, others while naked. Ms. Manhart had been
a member of the Iowa Air National
Guard before going on extended active duty with the Air Force.

In January, Ms. Manhart was suspended! from duties while an investigation into
the incident was carried out. At the time the Air Force released a statement saying
that her actions did not "meet the high standards we expect of our airmen."

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Thanks Richard .... I would have posted the rest of the photo's but I wallpapered the master bedroom with them. Pat is threatening to make me sleep in the garage

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