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Monday, December 31, 2012

Buh-Bye 2012--

Heather McKeown-JFK inflight

I'd like to say, “It was nice knowing you!”
when I think of the year that ends in a two.
Yet the days were quite stressful for me and for you
so methinks I'll end off with a shot for the flu.
At least it's a free one and Rite Aid will do it
but maybe I'll just say, “It hurts so just screw it!”

The year started off with a kiss and a hug
so I guess I won't sweep it all under the rug.
When I stop to consider the joy that I've had
I can't say that all of 2-12 was too bad.

There were fewer delays
and I got a new hip
My bill's---mostly paid
so I shouldn't feel gypped.

The family's thriving
my neighbors are giving
Nobody's conniving
and I am still living!

The crashpad is filled
with the best of the best
My trips are MY will
and my crews full of zest.

The airports have food
except BTV
Most folks aren't too rude
at least, not to me.

I had one bad no show
(I took the wrong bus)
This filled me with woe
and caused quite a fuss.

The rest of the year
I enjoyed very much
And as '13 draws near
I feel more in touch
with feelings of happiness
joy and good health
That I'll stay optimistic
in spite of myself.

Here's hoping you all....
have a wonderful Eve....
and when the ball drops....
and 2-12 takes its leave
Your next year is filled...
with great love and good vibes...
for tomorrow's the first day
of the rest of our lives!


Thanks Heather

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