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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Verifiable facts of the present governments accomplishments to date

.Look at just some of what has been accomplished so far: in 3 years, the Liberal government led G-7 economic growth recovering from the 2015 recession
…posted a 42 year low in unemployment
…in 2017, tourism exceeded 2002 records by 1/2 million
Additional Achievements Include:
1. A new tax-free Child Benefit(the largest social announcement since public healthcare)
2. A Healthcare Accord with the provinces (4 years without one under the Conservative government)
3. Implementing a $500 million National Pharmacare Program
4. A program for vulnerable single Seniors with the potential for a $1750 per month top-up more than Nov. 2015
5. Restored funding for Women's Shelters
6. Reopened and re-staffed the 9 Veteran’s Affairs Offices + opened 1 additional office to
help with the residual back-up
7. Restored the Veteran’s Lifetime Pension option
8. Allocated $10 billion for new Veteran Affairs spending
9. New $40 billion program for the Provinces to Help the Homeless
10.New program to help with the provinces with the Fentanyl Crisis
11.Lowered the Retirement Age to 65
12.A Working Poor subsidy to help those on assistance transition into the workforce
13.Reopened the English Bay Coastguard
14.Created an extensive plan and funded $1.5 billion to Protect Our Oceans
15.Approved Keystone Pipeline after extensive review, consultation, and assessment
16.Negotiated and signed CETA, an extensive European trade deal
17. Reached agreement for the CPTPP, the largest free trade deal in the world which is estimated to boost Canada’s GDP by 4.2 billion providing access to key Asian markets.
18.Ratified the Paris Accord to ensure Canada does its part to prevent climate change
19.67 aboriginal drinking Water Advisories Lifted, and 11 drinking water problems
permanently resolved 463 projects underway or completed in 587 communities!
20.Increased taxes on the wealthiest 1% and Closed Loopholes
21.Lowered taxes for the Middle-Class
22.Lowered taxes for most (97%) Small Business
23.Ungagged Scientists assuring future Freedom of Speech by writing it into employee contracts
24. Parental Leave shared benefits increased by an additional 5 weeks
25. Debt on track to a 40-Year Low, when compared to income (GDP) at $2 trillion
26.Legalized Marijuana to deprive organized crime of billions
27. Phase 1 of 3 of new Carbon Capture Oil Refineries have opened
28. Canada Now leads the most multi-national NATO battle group on the eastern front resisting Russian aggression (many nations volunteered to help, but only if they could be garrisoned under Canadian Command)!
29. Canada now leads the command in Iraq
30. $329 million to fight gangs and gun violence across Canada
31. introduced Canada’s first federal full accessibility legislation.
32. despite the tariffs, Canadian exports to the USA just broke a 10 year record!
34. There are 4000 infrastructure projects underway under this administration 3 x more than the previous Conservatives
Also, more foreign merchants in 2017 opened a new business in Canada since records started being kept. These Government investments in infrastructure are revitalizing our nation and Canada is strengthening all economic sectors in preparation for the collapse or redo of NAFTA..and as we know the Nafta has been just finished and is awating the democrats to sign off on it ...1.6 billion dollars was given to first nations to build a power plant…it will employ first nations people to build it…this month alone (November 2018)it created 94,000 new jobs…89 thousand full time and 5 thousand part time it’s the best the economy has been sense 1976…42 year high….

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