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Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Trumps competing for the title of dumbest family member

CNN’s Jim Acosta posted a video today which revealed that, despite McAllen, Texas having stretches of border that are easily crossable, the city has no illegal immigrant problem, and a very low crime rate. Donald Trump doesn’t have the kind of attention span necessary to watch a twenty-five second video all the way to the end, so he retweeted the video, mistakenly thinking it bolstered his argument for a wall. That’s when Junior got involved.

Donald Trump Jr, who’s so mind numbingly stupid he makes his father look smart, then took things further. Junior tweeted this at Acosta: “The reason why all of Twitter has been mocking you today is because you were at a part of the border WITH A WALL.” Again, Acosta’s video had no wall at all, and large gaps in between the obviously unnecessary steel slats. Once Acosta explained to Junior that he was an idiot, Junior decided that violence was the answer.

Donald Trump Jr resorts to tweeting his violent fantasies after learning he’s being subpoenaed to testify

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