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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Fun read and so true

The Definitive Ranking of the Most Easily Offended Provinces

Alberta is a gentle sensitive child so please be mindful of their feelings. Feel free to hurl as many barbs at Ontario as you want though as they don’t give a care.

Canada is a land of contrasts. Mountains and plains. Forests and the sea. The tundra and that big pit in Manitoba where millions of snakes fuck. Diversity is our strength.
But transcending all the things that separate us is the one thing that truly unites us all: getting extremely pissed off about stupid shit all the time. And at the very top of that mighty molehill of manufactured anger is the most Canadian grievance of all, which is being angry that someone trash-talked your province. We learned that over the weekend when Justin Trudeau "accidentally" (read: deliberately and with the fire of a thousand dying suns) omitted Alberta from his Canada Day speech in Ottawa and people are still mad several days later. It is a beautiful sight. God bless this country.

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