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Monday, July 30, 2018

The voters were warned that Ford would dismantle Ontario

The human wrecking ball of Ontario politics

There he goes again, Premier Doug Ford, the human wrecking ball, the Steve Bannon of Ontario, saying all disruption is good, chaos is cleansing, and the rules of democracy are contemptible.
He is slicing city council in half, midelection campaign, to save, he claims, $25 million. His strategy is clear. Long may the Toronto elites wither while sewer pipes collapse and water comes out of the taps red and already coagulating. The only infrastructure we’ll have left is gullies. This is Ford’s mad dream. Blood moon eclipse! Government deconstruction!
Back to the normal world. When Mayor John Tory spoke to media Friday morning, he used words like rules, orderly, proper, legal, discussion, co-operation, consultation, thoughtful, careful, wise, process, hearings, referendum, Fathers of Confederation, legal opinion and fair.
Asked if he was angry, Tory replied, “I try to be a rational person.” By 3 p.m. city planning expert Jennifer Keesmaat had decided to run against him. Election day, Oct. 22, will be fraught.
And then came Ford’s brief appearance, in which he rattled off a formless, boneless, campaign-style speech, took five questions, failed to answer them, and had a microphone removed from a reporter. Then he left.
Ford was asked why he had not mentioned his violent municipal plan during his campaign. He wouldn’t answer but said voters always tell him they want smaller government.

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