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Thursday, August 3, 2017

The swamp is now a sewer filled with rats

Maybe John Kelly should wait to order new furniture. As Donald Trump welcomes a new Chief of Staff to the White House (not to mention new press secretary, new director of communications, and someday soon new Attorney General) its best to remember the President's White House dress code--always wear something that would look good under a bus. What industry leader or bright young talent would ever subject themselves to this workplace torture? Instead we get guys nicknamed "the Mooch" who give us anatomy lessons.
Ezra Klein at Vox once again hits the nail on the head.
"For Trump, though, loyalty is a one-way street. He turns out to be precisely one of those guys who will stab a friend in the back as soon as the friend becomes a problem. And the problem for Trump, and for the rest of us, is that the whole country is watching him do it."

Donald Trump’s shocking disloyalty

Trump promised to hire “the best people.” He has built a White House that will only attract the worst.

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