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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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When bat-shit crazy is an understatement

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Trump presidency veers toward impeachment with reckless abandon

O.J. Simpson recently told the parole hearing that released him after nine years in prison that he had led a “conflict-free” life.
On hearing that from a man convicted of causing wrongful death, kidnapping, and armed robbery; and who entered a no contest plea to a wife-beating charge that sent Nicole Simpson to hospital (the eighth time the cops had answered a 911 call from the doomed woman), I thought narcissistic bullshit couldn’t find a higher gear.
I was wrong.
Donald Trump subsequently claimed that he was the second most “presidential” person to occupy the White House after Abraham Lincoln.
That might be the only time in recorded history that those two names are linked. It also shows that Trump has never heard of people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. Trump’s narcissistic mind is such a vacant lot, he even forgot Republican icon Ronald Reagan, who wasn’t apparently as presidential as the ‘second-most-presidential’ president. The absence of a sense of history is the cornerstone of his fact-free universe.
Trump’s actual “presidential” rating sank to new lows this week. His eleventh-hour intervention with Republican Senator John McCain was a miserable failure. McCain voted against the GOP’s plan to strike down parts of Obamacare — the so-called “skinny repeal.”
There was also what has been described as Trump’s “drunken step-dad’s” speech to 40,000 Boy Scouts, where he talked about fake news, the Washington “cesspool”, and even slipped a few cuss words in — just the kind of lifter-upper the Scouts love, I’m sure.
“Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts,” Trump thundered. But then he went ahead and did just that.
Perhaps that’s why Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh apologized to the Scouting Community after Trump’s face-plant. How amazing is it that the Boy Scouts of America felt as an organization that it had to apologize for the words of a sitting U.S. president attending their jamboree?

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