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Friday, January 13, 2017

WOW! This opinion piece raises many interesting questions about the Trump investigation

"Did anyone notice over the last month how quiet Obama has been? And Clinton, and the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate? Anyone with a lick of sense could see, just from the known facts, that Trump's campaign was seriously compromised.
And where did Rudy Giuliani, formerly the next U.S. Secretary of State, go? And what ever happened to Chris Christie, also in line for a cabinet post? Have they been questioned in some further on-going investigation?
After all, it was just in December that Russian media started claiming that U.S. intelligence would launch a coup against Trump. Former CIA director James Woolsey, who had joined the Trump administration as a national security and intelligence advisor, abruptly left the team on Jan. 5, the day before Trump received the intelligence report containing these explosive allegations.
Mere hours ago, just after Trump's press conference, the transition team cancelled the Congressional appearance of Defense Secretary nominee James Mattis. This appearance, scheduled for Thursday, was before the House Armed Services Committee.
All of this suggests that a potentially enormous national security investigation has been going on for months. Much, but not all of it will most likely come to a head before Inauguration Day, confronting Congress with grave and historic choices."

From Wikileaks to golden gusher

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