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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Stop telling the World to mind their own business America

We get it America but you don't seem to realize that what happens in America can and has had a profound effect on the World.

Like it or not the election of Donald J. Trump and his sabre rattling and misogynistic point of view accompanied by his disrespect for his fellow human beings based on colour or religious beliefs has struck fear in the hearts and minds of the civilized World.

What happens in America has an affect on Canada, you are our friends and largest trading partner so it is our business.

Trump's threats of jumping into bed with Vladimir Putin a cruel and violent man could well be a World changer not just for America but for the democratic countries of the World.

We, here in Canada, were able to look objectively at the American political circus, yes it was a circus. During the primaries good Americans of every political stripe were against Donald Trump. How quickly many of you have forgotten that fact.

"The Donald" lied, twisted facts and promised you nothing, "Oh sorry" He promised to drain the swamp of course he failed to tell the American people he would be using the same dirty swamp water, just different reptiles.

So America when the free World speaks out they have a right, a vested interest in OUR World. The World has shrunk and is now a community of different districts it no longer is your country against their country it is our World, Your World and their World with a mutual interest in the World economy, the World environment and human rights.

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