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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Another Harper/Alexander/Kenney screw up

"The list of jobs and payments to recruiters is shocking. This was never, ever, the original intent of the TFW program. It has been totally skewed and abused by the past government. The intent was to fill short term, cyclical or seasonal jobs that could not readily be filled by Canadian workers. It was never intended to be what it has essentially become - trading in human workers to keep wages low. It is either an interim, short gap method of filling gaps in the labour force, or it is an alternate and abusive, but ever so much easier form of immigration? Is it a labour market tool or an immigration tool? Is it a way to introduce human resource globalization for any type of work, or is it for specific skills not available when needed in Canada? Has Canada become a mechanism for human trafficing by any other name? It is obscene."

'Unsung hero' facing deportation under rescinded rule

Gina Bahiwal, who has become the public face of the migrant worker rights movement, is facing deportation to the Philippines on Sunday.

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