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Friday, June 10, 2016

Mainstream Media is nothing but puppets for the right wing

Canadian media outlets aren't fact-checking Fraser Institute's misleading tax study (again)

What will it take to get a little fact-checking around here?
Fraser Institute released its annual "Tax Freedom Day" report today, a publicity stunt that sees the right-wing think tank add-up every conceivable tax it can think of and present that as what "the average Canadian family" pays in taxes – even if it doesn't really show up on the "tax bill" of "the average Canadian family." 
And once again, Canadian media outlets seem like they can't be bothered to give this report critical coverage, even though the think tank openly admits its research is designed to push a "communications agenda."
Here's how Toronto's 680 News reported on the Fraser Institute's report Tuesday morning: 
"What you make today you're making for yourself, as opposed to the $43,000 which is the calculated tax bill for an average Canadian household that earns just over $100,000. So that's your income taxes, retail sales taxes, sin taxes, health care taxes and fuel taxes, among other things."
A few problems with that:

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