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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ford smiles as he grinds his heel in the neck of the needy

Ontario moves to hold minimum wage at $14 and end paid sick days

The Ontario government will hold minimum wage at $14 an hour for the next two years and get rid of the current two paid sick days.
Under current legislation, workers have up to 10 days off — receiving pay for the sick days only.
Under new legislation, workers will be allocated eight unpaid days off.
Speaking at Leland Industries in Scarborough, Jim Wilson — the minister in charge of reducing red tape for businesses — said the Ford government is eliminating the “job killing” parts of the Liberals’ Bill 148 which provided the boost in the minimum wage and another — to $15 — in January.
He said the government will introduce the Making Ontario Open for Business Act Tuesday afternoon, to be followed by a series of bills to “lower business costs and boost competition.”
Bill 148 — which was was to modernize Ontario’s labour law — also provided workers with up to 10 days off. Before the bill, 1.6 million Ontario workers did not have access to an unpaid, job-protected sick day because of an exemption on workplaces with less than 50 employees.

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