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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday's Ride - Havana, Cuba old cars/ Cruising in a 57 Buick Convertible Havana

Education counts

Bwahaha serves her right

Ivanka Trump Tweeted About Religious Tolerance. It Didn’t Go Down Well.

Most people asked if she’d pass the message on to her father, President Donald Trump.

Ivanka Trump’s attempt at using Twitter to promote religious tolerance backfired Monday night.
President Donald Trump’s daughter tweeted that “America is a nation built on the principle of religious tolerance” and urged people to “protect our houses of worship and religious centers.”
Her well-intentioned post came following a wave of bomb hoaxes against Jewish Community Centers across the country. Trump herself converted to Judaism before marrying Jared Kushner.
But the tweet, which she ended with the hashtag #JCC, wasn’t well received.

It is exactly what we were warned about

“I am enough of a sentimentalist that when I found out THEEEE President was coming to town, I got online quickly and reserved two tickets,” he wrote on Facebook.
But the rally last weekend was not what the pastor had in mind.
“As people were coming in, there was a lot of excitement and a strong sense of patriotism,” Tooley wrote.
However, during a rendition of “God Bless the USA,” some attendees began to sing along and raise their hands in an almost religious way.
“People were being ushered into a deeply religious experience,” Tooley wrote, “and it made me completely uncomfortable.

Brian Mulroney, Trumps lap dog sings when Irish Eyes are Smiling.

It still galls that the man, because he was a former PM, was allowed to carry on his life after deceiving the Canadian people, accepting a brown envelope and then discounting the contents in order to pay less taxes on his ill begotten kickback which was a further insult to honest taxpayers.


seal hitches a ride on man's kayak

Hotel de Glace , Valcartier Qc

Was there today (Monday 20th). Cccccccold. Nowhere to pee LOL

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Ice Hotel Guided Tour - Hotel de Glace Quebec City Canada


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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday's Ride - Classic American Cars of Cuba: Yank Tanks

Trudeau leaving the White House

Who ever thought we would see people fleeing from a fascist American government?


ON TUESDAY, THE Department of Homeland Security released a pair of memos laying out how the agency intends to implement President Donald Trump’s executive orders on domestic immigration enforcement. In addition to calling for a massive increase in the number of immigration agents and the deputizing of local and state law enforcement across the country — described in the documents as a “force multiplier”— the memos dramatically expand the range of people who can be deported without seeing a judge.
“I see now what the plan is,” Greg Siskind, a Tennessee-based immigration attorney and member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association board of governors, told The Intercept. “Their plan is basically to have everybody thrown out of the country without ever going to court.” Additional immigration attorneys and legal experts who spoke to The Intercept shared Siskind’s concerns, describing various elements of the DHS directives and the executive orders they reflect as “horrifying,” “stunning,” and “inhumane.”
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CUBA 2017 DOCUMENTAL HD : TRAVELS TO REAL CUBA, Habana, Trinidad. Viajes...

FCI Dog dance World Championship 2016 – Freestyle final - Lusy Imberger...

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday's Ride - 1937 Bugatti Atlantic Replica - $275,000 Long Valley, NJ

A blatant tactic to discredit

'Enemies of the people': Trump remark echoes history's worst tyrants

At a different time, in another country, it was effectively a death sentence.
Being branded an "enemy of the people" by the likes of Stalin or Mao brought at best suspicion and stigma, at worst hard labour or death.
Now the chilling phrase - which is at least as old as Emperor Nero, who was called "hostis publicus", enemy of the public, by the Senate in AD 68 - is making something of a comeback.
In November, the UK Daily Mail used its entire front page to brand three judges "enemies of the people" following a legal ruling on the Brexit process.
Then on Friday, President Donald Trump deployed the epithet against mainstream US media outlets that he sees as hostile.
"The FAKE NEWS media (failing New York Times, NBC News, ABC, CBS, CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!" he wrote on Twitter.

With 14 leadership hopefuls Tories are mass debating

The Tories approach a point of no return

This week’s debate over ‘Islamophobia’ highlights the need for the Tories to root out the fringe forces rapidly dumbing down their party
There are quite a few lessons in civic hygiene that might be drawn from the jamboree of bigot-baiting and mob incitement attending to the shabbily-drafted but otherwise sensible Liberal motion on the contested subject of “Islamophobia” that has preoccupied the House of Commons this week.
Most obvious is that the Conservative Party of Canada has reached an event horizon of indecency. It is a point of no return from which a great many respectable people in the party’s rank and file, along with the Conservative MPs backing a substitute anti-bigotry motion of their own design, can flinch no longer.
While the term “Islamophobia” is a wholly inadequate and often disingenuously-applied description of the gangrene at work here, the Conservatives cannot simply let it go on spreading inward from the party’s fringes.
It is a pathology that several Conservative leadership contenders have been brazenly happy to traffic in, most recently in response to Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s modest but unhelpfully ambiguous anti-Islamophobia motion, which asks the House of Commons for little more than an acknowledgement of the worsening public climate of hatred and fear across the country, and a standing committee to study ways the government might make a dent in systemic racism and religious discrimination, “including Islamophobia.”
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FN History

The Warriors of the Rainbow Prophecy

Are the ancient stories of the Native Americans coming true?

One day… there would come a time, when the earth being ravaged and polluted, the forests being destroyed, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, the fish being poisoned in the streams, and the trees would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist.
This is how the ‘Rainbow prophecy’ begins, as retold by a woman of the Cree Indian nation of America over a century ago.
The Cree are one of the largest groups of the First Nations Native Americans in North America. There are over 135 bands of Cree living in Canada, with a total population of approximately 200,000 today.

Cat saves puppy

We'll have to wait and see

Lost Words Of Our Youth

Heavens to Murgatroyd!    
Would you believe the email spell checker did not recognize the word murgatroyd? Lost Words from our childhood: Words gone as fast as the buggy whip! Sad really!
The other day a not so elderly (65) (I say 75)  lady said something to her son about driving a Jalopy and he looked at her quizzically and said what the heck is a Jalopy? OMG (new) phrase!  He never heard of the word jalopy!!  She knew she was old but not that old.
Well, I hope you are Hunky Dory after you read this and chuckle.
About a month ago, I illuminated some old expressions that have become obsolete because of the inexorable march of technology. These phrases included "Don't touch that dial," "Carbon copy," "You sound like a broken record" and "Hung out to dry.”
Back in the olden days we had a lot of moxie. We'd put on our best bib and tucker to straighten up and fly right.
Heavens to Betsy!  Gee whillikers!  Jumping Jehoshaphat!
Holy moley!
We were in like Flynn and living the life of Riley, and even a regular guy couldn't accuse us of being a knucklehead, a nincompoop or a pill. Not for all the tea in China!
Back in the olden days, life used to be swell, but when's the last time anything was swell?Swell has gone the way of beehives, pageboys and the D.A.;of spats, knickers, fedoras, poodle skirts, saddle shoes and pedal pushers.
Oh, my aching back. Kilroy was here, but he isn't anymore.
We wake up from what surely has been just a short nap, and before we can say, well I'll be a monkey's uncle! or, This is a fine kettle of fish! we discover that the words we grew up with, the words that seemed omnipresent, as oxygen, have vanished with scarcely a notice from our tongues and our pens and our keyboards.
Poof, go the words of our youth, the words we've left behind. We blink, and they're gone. Where have all those phrases gone?
Long gone: Pshaw, The milkman did it.Hey! It's your nickel.
Don't forget to pull the chain.  Knee high to a grasshopper.
Well, Fiddlesticks!   Going like sixty.  I'll see you in the funny papers.   Don't take any wooden nickels.
It turns out there are more of these lost words and expressions than Carter has liver pills. This can be disturbing stuff !
We of a certain age have been blessed to live in changeable times. For a child each new word is like a shiny toy, a toy that has no age.
We at the other end of the chronological arc have the advantage of remembering there are words that once did not exist and there were words that once strutted their hour upon the earthly stage and now are heard no more, except in our collective memory. It's one of the greatest advantages of aging.
See ya later, alligator! After while crocodile!

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday's Ride - 1946 Diamond T Pick Up Truck - We go for a ride in a Model 201

Trumps Bait and Switch government

The Art of the Scam

Add this to the list of scams

Jeb Bush Enters Twitter War With ‘President’ Trump – GOP Crumbling (TWEET)

One of President Donald Trump’s arch nemeses during the 2016 election was the ever-boring Jeb Bush. Frequently referring to Bush as low-energy, Trump consistently circled him like crows above a dead carcass during debates.

However, good ole’ Jeb might get the last laugh after all.

Bush trolled Trump on Twitter (because he can be hip with the Twitter) today. Bush tweeted a link to the Wall Street Journal piece “Trump Can’t Build a Border Wall Without The Real Estate” along with three words that owned Trump entirely.
‘Reality sets in.’

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Ignorance is Trumps Education

CBC comments

''But we say with arrogance there is no God, because we can't see Him''

''Nonsense. We all know the universe was created 6000 years ago by Jesus''

then this reply

''@............ - And he used to live in my parents bathroom because I used to hear my dad screaming "Jesus!! Are you still in there?!!" technology/living-holographic- universe-1.3959758

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